“Chrissy has been my lifeline!”

“Chrissy has been my lifeline for negotiating – including business deals and salary – with integrity, confidence and strategy. I came out of a salary negotiation making MUCH more money than the company initially offered. Chrissy is an exceptional role model for growing professionals, truly embodying the skills and values she seeks to instill in her clients. I plan to continue working with her throughout my career for coaching and advice!”

— Jennifer Easton, Vice President of Marketing in Philadelphia

“Giving me confidence and direction”

“Chrissy helps me on a daily basis. Her clear direction and natural gift of listening are incredibly helpful as I start my own business. She is nonjudgemental and extremely thoughtful. She knows (from experience) when difficult days are coming up and makes herself more available than normal. Her quick feedback on short questions is an incredible bridge until our next time. She is giving me confidence and direction at a time when everything is very up in the air. I am extremely pleased with her business coaching and I am glad we are working together.”

— Michelle Klieger, President of Stratagerm Consulting in Boston, MA

“Chrissy is a very strategic, insightful coach. I worked with Chrissy to fine tune my business focus and niche. She took me through a process that provided excellent insight, aha moments, and reaffirmed my commitment. Chrissy is unique because she gets right in there with you, instead of only pointing the direction to go. Highly recommend Chrissy for both career and business coaching.”

— Mary Sue Dahill, CEO of MSD Advisors in Washington, DC

“Facilitating positive growth in my career.”

“I reached out to Chrissy at blueprintgreen to help me update my resume and to get overall support to facilitate positive growth in my career. I was beyond impressed with the professionalism, prompt-return, and genuine care she showed in her work with me. I would recommend her to anyone needing help in this arena. She is an excellent resource and an amazing person to work with!! Thank you, Chrissy!”

— Catie F., Mental Health Therapist in Rochester, NY


“I moved to America in 2015, and I found myself in a country where I did not know how to be competitive judging from my capabilities. In my country the way you build your resume, cover letter, and how you approach the employer are different. I worked with Kyle from blueprintgreen, and his help was essential for me. Following his advice, I was able to build my resume, listing all my abilities in the right way. That made me more competitive and helped me find several job opportunities in my field. Now I have a better job and I have been selected for an even better one. All I have done is followed Kyle’s advice.”

— Samir S., Washington, DC

“Prompt, excellent service.”

“After being away from the professional world for more than 10 years, I had a great opportunity to start a new career and needed help putting together a resume. Knowing that it needed to be done right, I turned to Kyle at blueprintgreen for help and he guided me through the proper format and structure and showed me how to make even a less than impressive employment history read like a list of accolades. I landed the job and I know Kyle and blueprintgreen were a big part of that.”

— Pete A., Buffalo, NY

"Practical, detailed, and applicable strategies."

“I recently used blueprintgreen to assist me with resume writing and on the job coaching. “During my transition from the education field to the banking industry, blueprintgreen offered practical, detailed, and applicable strategies for making the move as smooth as possible. I landed a great job, and have successfully made a major transition with very few hiccups, and reliable people to call whenever issues arise”

— Jennifer U., Buffalo, NY

“An action plan I could easily follow.”

"Chrissy unblocked me on multiple issues I was facing and was so helpful. I needed validation and ideas for a new direction on my business, Chrissy advised me and gave me an action plan I could easily follow."

— Maia Hariton, Web Designer in San Francisco, CA

“Focusing on my long-term goals.”

"I've been trying to figure out what I really want with my freelance and novel writing career and Chrissy really helped me to put things into perspective. I felt lost when it came to my career and finances but through our sessions I was able to map out which of my clients doesn't work for me and who does. I love that Chrissy helped me to see that with some minor negotiations, I can stabilize my career and focus on my long-term goals. This was a great experience!"

— Alex Temblador, Novelist & Travel Writer in Dallas, TX

"Well worth the investment for long-term success."

"Chrissy from blueprintgreen has been coaching me as a business owner for years. From the early stages of developing and writing the business plan to most recently strategizing ways in which I can take my business from a small local store to a brand with a more wide spread national presence, she has always been there when I needed her with helpful advice, intuitive guidance and smart ideas to help me succeed. Chrissy is so great at helping me round out my ideas. I often find myself a bit stuck and overwhelmed with knowing the best choices to make. Being a sole business owner who is admittedly more in tune with the creative side of my business than the business side, so having someone like her on my side to make sure that my ideas are put to the best use is absolutely essential! She has engineered creative, yet simple and easily implementable solutions to a variety of situations and hangups with my business. No one can do it all and wear all of the hats, and if there is one thing I've learned from owning my own business is to seek out help where it's needed. blueprintgreen's services are well worth the investment for long term success and sustainability in any field!"

— Ali Eagen, Owner & Custom Bridal Designer, Made by Anatomy in Buffalo, NY