Optimize your business.

blueprintgreen provides small, entrepreneurial, and minority and disadvantaged businesses in the DC Metro Area with bespoke consulting services. Whether you're streamlining operations, developing systems to keep you organized, or strategizing for growth (or something in between!), our team provides dedicated services customized to meet your needs.  


Project Manager

Operations & Project Management

blueprintgreen can help your business to streamline operations and manage the planning and execution of projects, giving you the freedom to focus on doing what you do best - providing your services. We work with you to identify the most significant pain points in your business, and create customized systems to alleviate them. 

Our team can directly manage aspects of your organization that are slowing you down and keeping you from focusing on doing what you love. This can include tracking and coordinating business requirements (e.g., tax and legal filings), scheduling and managing your clients, managing specific projects, and event/meeting planning and management.  

Oftentimes, we serve as an "accountability partner," helping you set goals, implement new systems, and ensure that key pieces are not falling through the cracks. We're here for your success. 

Strategic Planning

Strategy & Marketing 

You know you want to increase your visibility and grow your organization - that's great news! But do you know how to do that? That's where blueprintgreen comes in. 

We provide strategy and marketing services to help you set goals for growth, visibility and mission, determine the most effective strategies for success in your industry, help you to implement them, and regularly reassess the strategy for to ensure we're tracking toward the outcomes you want. Depending on the makeup of your organization, this could include a facilitated workshop or series of facilitated meetings to establish goals, determine tactics and metrics, and a plan for implementation.

Need help with your social media strategy? Your website? Getting a newsletter up and running? Creating a marketing database of years worth of your professional contacts? We can help on that, too. 


Systems & Structure 

Is office management your nemesis? Do you struggle with keeping things organized, or get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of paperwork and administration involved in running your business? 

blueprintgreen can help you to determine and implement the systems and structures that help you get organized and stay organized. We get to know you, your needs, and your strengths and challenges when it comes to organization management, and propose systems and structures uniquely tailored to you. We also help you with implementation, and adjust as needed.

We relieve your organizational burdens, allowing you to focus on providing your services!