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FREE WEBINAR: From Surviving to Thriving: Conquer Stress, Calm Down, and Reclaim Your Career

Do any of these sound like you?

- You feel stuck at your current job.
- You just took a new job, and already notice high-stress patterns cropping up again.
- You're physically tired and mentally/emotionally exhausted when you get home from work
- You dread going to work.
- You feel like you're "paying your dues" and eventually things will get better, yet there's no end in sight.
- You spent a LOT of time in school or training and now you're disillusioned with your role.
- You're burned out.
- You're juggling a ton of responsibilities at work and at home but it's a house of cards that you worry will fall at any time.
- You've convinced yourself that everyone hates their job.

If so, then join us for a 45-minute webinar to discuss: 

- how work stress affects your personal life and loved ones, 
- strategies to cope with work stress in the moment, and keep work at work,
- tools for effectively managing stressful work situations,
- a longer-term opportunity to cultivate resiliency, learn to cope better in the moment and address the beliefs that keep us stuck in these roles.

In addition to the 45-minute webinar, all registrants will receive the following: 

- A self-guided visioning exercise to help you define what you want your work life to look like.
- A workplace inventory worksheet to better understand to what extent your employer values you and your contributions.
- One 30-minute follow up call with Chrissy or Alyssa to review your self-guided exercises and what that means for you.

Later Event: January 13
NETWORKING: Freelancing Females Brunch