Sound Familiar?

You’re passionate about what you do, and have worked tirelessly trying to move up in your field. Early mornings. Late evenings. Weekends. You were there, putting in the time. You pushed through the crazy supervisors, the extreme deadlines, the awful workload. Yet you always put in the extra time, pitched in where it was needed, and went the extra mile. You’ve been relentless. And maybe you’re working in the role you thought you always wanted.

But, wait. You’re not happy.You’re stressed. Burned out. Tired. So, so tired.

Work drains you, before you even walk into your office. Sometimes, just the thought of work makes you jittery. This is not what you expected.

But, you put in so much time to get here. If not this, then what?

I’m here to tell you that it can be different.

I get it. I’ve been there. I know what it’s like for every day at work to somehow feel more draining, demoralizing, and stressful than the last.

In my coaching practice, I work with people from all different industries, from all walks of life. Interestingly, everyone seems to tell the same types of stories when it comes to work stress. I’ve found that there are a few key factors that contribute to a disproportionate amount of the stress professionals experience in their jobs.

And the bright side is, these stressors don’t have to be there, and you can change the way you relate to them in the moment. There is a job out there for you, where you will feel motivated and committed, while being respected and appreciated.

Read more about the key stressors below. If any of them ring true for you, set up a free call with me to talk about your experience and brainstorm how to improve your relationship with work!

Could you use some guidance right now?

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Multi-Tasking on the Regular

Do you ever have those moments where you almost literally feel your brain breaking because you catch yourself trying to focus on so many different things at once? Your workday flies by in no time, there’s never enough time to complete your tasks, everything was ALWAYS due yesterday, and it somehow never really feels like you are ever getting anything done. You exist in a frantic state, are totally spent by the end of the day, and have little to show for it.

Drowning in Responsibility

You have tremendous responsibility. Easily more than one person’s job. You have tons of institutional knowledge and the whole place would probably crumble if you left. You have no room to breathe, and the weight of the responsibility is oppressive and keeps your from thinking about anything BUT work.



Set Up to Burn Out

These are the traditionally high stress jobs where you are simply expected to deeply sacrifice for your profession. Burnout is incredibly common, and you are just expected to give and give and give until you break. As a result, you always feel like you’re about to break.

Stuck in Toxicity

Everyday is a different kind of drama. People are yelled at. Meetings make you incensed. The staff is practically trained to undermine each other as a matter of daily operations. Distrust everywhere. You are left out of conversations and key decisions for no reason. No accountability, no transparency. Your career is plateauing because you’re not using your skills effectively. You are just so over it.



Your Boss is Terrible

THIS ONE. I feel this one in my bones. Indecisive. Questions everything you do. Constantly meddling. Is always talking, yet cannot manage to give clear direction to save their life. Sometimes an egomaniac. Having to deal with this all day every day leaves you with a groundswell of rage simmering just below the surface.

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