Chrissy macken, founder, blueprintgreen Career Coaching & Consulting

Chrissy macken, founder, blueprintgreen Career Coaching & Consulting

Hi, I’m Chrissy.

I am the Founder and Owner of Blueprintgreen Career Coaching & Consulting, based in Washington, DC. As the go-to coach for effectively building resiliency in stressful work environments and confidently reclaiming a career of meaning and purpose, I am on a mission to disrupt toxic work cultures in DC and all over the country, providing actionable tools and strategies that create physically, mentally, and emotionally healthier workplaces. My work serves two key constituencies: individuals and organizations.

I specialize in helping high-potential, purpose-driven professionals break free from toxic work environments, transition into positions they love, get paid what they’re worth, and achieve peak performance using Emotional Intelligence. In addition, I strategically advise organizations as they build an internal culture where employees are thriving, effective, challenged, and committed.

In addition to completing Certificate Programs in Coaching and Creating Leadership Development Programs through the Association of Talent Development, I am certified in the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 Emotional Intelligence Assessment, framework, and protocol through the College of Executive Coaching, allowing me to work with clients to measure distinct aspects of emotional and social functioning at the individual and organizational level, and develop an understanding of how the results reflect their current capacity to effectively resolve conflict, manage change, thrive on a team, and make decisions. In addition, I use the CliftonStrengths All 34 Assessment to help individuals and teams be more engaged and productive in their work.

You don’t need to wait for someone else’s version of the ‘perfect time’ to negotiate a good salary, improve your work conditions, or thrive in a challenging role that brings you a sense of both purpose and exhilaration.

If you’re ready to advocate for yourself, then it’s the perfect time to do so.

I’m here to help.


I’ve always been passionate about global sustainability, as well as building a meaningful career for myself. As I entered the professional world after graduate school, I found that many of the organizations at the leading edge of issues I cared about were unnecessarily challenging places to work.

On paper, I had amazing roles and was able to work on transformational projects that made a real difference in the world. For me, the problem was in the day to day operating culture, and the negative impact it was having on my mind, body, and spirit. Everyone was overworked, underpaid, yelled at constantly, and conditioned to distrust one another. It was all so confusing - I loved the work I was doing…why couldn’t I just be a team player and get past everything else? As problems advanced, the rest of my life fell away. I never worked out. I gained weight. Simple things like reading a magazine became a luxury. I had no time for my husband. Date night? Hah! Who has time? Yet, I could not look away from my work email for fear of missing an assignment. I lost all confidence in my ability to do my job well, despite being a highly competent, effective, and influential employee. As a young professional, I assumed all workplaces were like this.

On the brink of total burnout and a medical catastrophe, I finally realized it was time to shift this side hustle of mine — Blueprintgreen — from a little passion project to the primary focus of my professional endeavors. I finally listened to my own intuition, fully owning that the best way I could contribute to the long-term sustainability of our world was to help purpose-driven professionals set healthy boundaries, become their own best advocates, be treated with respect in the workplace, and ultimately reclaim their career potential.

By setting healthy boundaries and prioritizing myself, I have been able to build a career that is the best expression of my strengths and talents. That being said, running my own business and being my own boss isn’t always easy! When I first started my business, I brought over a few of the bad habits I had learned from working in a series of toxic environments. I had trouble saying no, and unnecessarily made myself available to handle things late in the evenings and on weekends, when they just as easily could have waited until the next business day. It has taken lots of intention and discipline to prioritize myself, but it’s now an active choice I make every day. Setting clear boundaries makes me better at the work that I do, and sets the right example for my clients in stressful work environments, so this approach is doubly important to me.

Guiding Principles.

My business — and increasingly, my life (I’m getting better every day!) — is guided by the following principles:

  • Trust your intuition. If your environment doesn’t feel right, enlist support and try to make a change.

  • Restorative time is critical to living a life of purpose and meaning. Without taking time to focus on yourself and relax, it’s difficult to be as impactful as your potential would otherwise allow.

  • Resist the urge to control everything and delegate and outsource wherever you can! It’s so freeing to let go of the tasks that drain your mental energy, and it gives someone else the opportunity to offer their talents to you.

  • We’re never done learning, and we always have the opportunity to grow. We just have to give ourselves the chance.

  • Your story is not written in stone. Life certainly does not unfold in all the ways we’d prefer. And, there’s always an opportunity to change your path for the better.


Being a responsible global citizen is very important to me, and I dedicate significant time and resources toward volunteer efforts that result in meaningful improvements at the local, national, and societal levels, and am an advocate for social and environmental justice initiatives near and dear to me. These days, my volunteer activities include partnerships with the following organizations:

Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area – I have partnered with LSS/NCA to provide pro bono career coaching services to recently resettled Afghani refugees in the greater Washington, DC area. I meet with refugees and their families shortly after they arrive to the US, introduce them to the culture and norms of job searching in America, help them write a resume and cover letter, practice interviews, and provide tips for successful networking.

The Posse Foundation – I am a pro bono coach through The Posse Foundation, which works for both students and college campuses and is rooted in the belief that a small, diverse group of talented students—a Posse—carefully selected and trained, can serve as a catalyst for individual and community development. I am partnered with a college student in this program for 2 years, and provide pro bono coaching aimed at helping her prepare for the post-collegiate professional world.

American Association of University Women – As a Salary Negotiation Workshop Facilitator for AAUW — a non-partisan, fact-based, inclusive, and intersectional non-profit organization advancing gender equity for women and girls through research, education, and advocacy — I provide pro bono workshops in the DC area focused on helping women close the wage gap and create a successful compensation negotiation strategy.

At the hyperlocal level, I am the longest tenured member of the Friends of Noyes Park Board of Directors, dedicated to ensuring equitable access to a safe and beautiful park, playground, and community garden in Washington, DC's Ward 5. Since 2014, I have led the organization’s fundraising initiatives, and have raised thousands of dollars for FoNP to advance its mission.

On a national level, I am a staunch advocate for progressive healthcare legislation and ensuring the health and wellbeing of moms and babies. I have been a featured speaker at healthcare advocacy events on Capitol Hill (you can watch one event here - see approx. timestamp 1h15m), and I continue to advocate for legislative options to advance universal healthcare. In addition, I am one of Washington DC’s top annual fundraisers for the March of Dimes March for Babies, where proceeds help fund research to prevent premature births, birth defects and infant mortality.

Advocacy and Volunteerism Blueprintgreen Career Coaching & Consulting

Affiliations and Memberships.

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Education and Certifications.

  • Certificate Program in Coaching - Association for Talent Development

  • Certificate in Coaching for Innovation and Creativity - The College of Executive Coaching

  • Certificate Program in Creating Leadership Development Programs - Association for Talent Development

  • Certificate in Emotional Intelligence, EQ-i 2.0 Assessment - The College of Executive Coaching

  • Certified Salary Negotiation Workshop Facilitator - American Association of University Women

  • Master of Arts in Urban and Environmental Policy & Planning - Tufts University

  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Environmental Studies - Allegheny College.

Emotional Intelligence EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360