Build a career that changes the world.

blueprintgreen specializes in cultivating leaders, helping clients to shine brightly in the crowded
landscape of competitors and achieve their professional goals. We welcome professionals  interested in pursuing careers in the corporate, public, academic, and non-profit sectors. Our offerings are sold in packages that include the following services:



One-on-One Coaching

Experience a career breakthrough. Structured meetings via video call to help you discover your strengths, overcome mindset blocks, organize your job search, market yourself effectively, and address on-the-job challenges.

Resume and Cover Letter Revisions

Learn how to tell your best story. Receive an in-depth review and recommendations to optimize your resume and cover letter for the job you want NEXT.

Interview Preparation

Make a great first impression at your job interview. Our interview prep sessions thoroughly prepare you to stand out from the candidate pool and confidently communicate what differentiates you as a professional.

Salary Negotiation Strategy

Get paid what you’re worth. Our coaching packages include a Salary Negotiation Strategy Session, to help you gain clarity on your compensation needs and navigate the compensation and salary negotiation process.

Dedicated Access

I’m here when you need me. Reach me in between sessions by email or text, or take advantage of an “I need you NOW” call to address pop-up challenges that just can’t wait for our next session.