Tip #22: Never, Ever, Ever Apologize for Asking | 28 Days of Salary Negotiation

I am really passionate about this particular topic. It comes from a long history of working in toxic environments, where employees are implicitly and explicitly taught that we don't have any value, and should feel lucky to have whatever was given to us. 


If you have demonstrated exemplary skills and bore out accomplishments beneficial to the organizations, you are very likely deserving of a raise. And so, you have every right to ask for one. 

This doesn't mean you are entitled to absolutely everything you ask for, or that you will ultimately get a raise at this particular juncture. But, you are entitled to a conversation. 

It's well-documented that women in particular tend to lack in assertiveness when asking for a raise (if they ask at all) and even at that, can fail to communicate their value effectively. Some women - even wildly successful women - find themselves in a position where they are apologizing for their accomplishments and their request to be compensated appropriately. 

I'll speak directly to the ladies, here, because it tends to be such a systemic problem for us. 

Please cut it out. You are undermining yourself and your accomplishments. Being overly cautious and passive will not make you more money, will not get you recognized, and will not do anyone else any favors. 

You've got this. You deserve this. And you are entitled to ask. So do it!