Are you about to enter a career transition? We're here to help.

Career transitions can be really scary.

Christina Macken, Career Coach

Christina Macken, Career Coach

I know this firsthand.
I’ve been through several career transitions. A few years ago I took a leap and decided to start my own business doing what I love. I have always found that planning, anticipating obstacles, and betting on myself pays off.

For those in career transition, our coaching sessions will help you to identify points of stability while navigating through the uncertainty of this transition, and find a sense of calmness in the face of professional change. I will help you to create a sense of discovery as we imagine your professional opportunities, and then build the confidence, skills, and roadmap to get you there.

For those looking to excel in their current role, our coaching sessions will help you to identify ways to improve your on-the-job performance, strengthen relationships with colleagues, associates, and superiors, implement productive management strategies, and anticipate obstacles in order to face them head on.

I am a customizer.
Throughout our work together, you will find that no two career coaching sessions are the same. I carefully customize my coaching approach and recommendations for each individual, taking into account exactly where you are today. This creates abundant opportunities to identify and nurture your unique professional strengths. I bring a thorough and conscientious approach to my work with you, building an individualized understanding of your skills and strengths to help you discover opportunities to achieve your best professional outcomes.

I am incredibly motivated by people getting to do what they do best.
Career coaching is so personally rewarding to me because it allows me to use my individual strengths every single day. I want the same for you. Through our work together, I will help you identify your professional strengths and struggles, and find ways to be placed into roles where you can excel at doing what you do best. With confidence and ease.

I am here for you in the here and now, to help you build a bright professional future.