Tip #28: Stay True to You | 28 Days of Salary Negotiation

Ah, we've arrived. Our final tip of the series. Throughout this series, we've provided tips on planning for a successful negotiation, managing yourself in the moment, tactics to maximize your potential compensation, navigate both in-person and email negotiation communications with confidence and ease, and walk away when it's time

Our final tip is overarching - stay true to you. What do we mean by this? 

We mean if it doesn't feel right, then don't do it. If the money is great but you have serious reservations about the actual job, then don't do it. If the compensation is barely livable but you've always wanted to have THIS JOB with THIS COMPANY...then at minimum keep an exit strategy close by and don't wait until you've blown through your savings or can't afford your next rent payment to bail. 

We also mean that if you know you deserve more than what you're getting paid, then it's time to ask. If you are ready to take on more responsibility and accountability (and $$!), then it's time to act. And, if you land your dream job and it means making a few (reasonable, livable) sacrifices to do something that you absolutely love, then perhaps it's time to take the leap. 

No two career paths are the same, and rarely are they linear. Most everyone is ripe for getting caught chasing titles, chasing money, or chasing accolades. Staying true to your goals and guiding principles will help the noise fall away when there are quandaries about your professional path, and will allow you to make the best decisions for YOU.