Tip #13: Ask Where There's Flexibility | 28 Days of Salary Negotiation

When you really start to dig into the nuances of a salary negotiation, it will become apparent that salary is only one component of what's on the table for discussion. 

Don't forget about...

  • Vacation time

  • Flex work schedule

  • 401k contributions

  • Professional development funding

  • Transit benefits

  • Contribution toward health insurance premiums

  • Student loan payment contributions

When negotiating, it's important to specifically ask where there is flexibility in the offer, as well as what your overall priorities are in the negotiation process.

Approaching a negotiation from a position of gratitude and inquiry can help you find success in your negotiation. In this example, even if the salary did not have room to be raised, the door is open for the employer to offer something else in lieu of higher take home pay.