Tip #21: Welcome the Answer No | 28 Days of Salary Negotiation

This seems odd, aye? Why would you want to hear "no" during a salary negotiation? 

Well, think of it this way - you're not negotiating if everyone is on board with all the terms of what's being discussed. A negotiation doesn't begin until someone disagrees - and then you negotiate until everyone can agree on common ground. 

Hearing "no" isn't the end of the conversation. If your employer (or potential employer) says no to a request, it simply means you need to ask questions regarding where there is flexibility in the terms of your agreement and how your request differs from their expectations, as well as discuss how your request relates to the market value of your position and skills. 

Consider this - if you propose a salary/compensation package and they are quick to agree to it, it probably means you are selling yourself short in some major ways. Sure, you avoided a negotiation, but what did you actually gain?