A Strengths-Based Approach to Career Coaching

When meeting potential clients, I am most frequently asked about my approach to coaching. It's a great question, and something you should always ask a potential career (or life, or health, or executive) coach.

I would describe my coaching method as strengths-focused and highly individualized. I believe focusing on exploring, elevating, and prioritizing strengths is the most efficient way for clients to 1) identify ideal positions they find fulfilling and make them happy, 2) articulate their unique value, and 3) gain confidence in their job search, interview, and compensation negotiation processes.

Many of us have spent (wasted?) quite a lot of time doing work in areas outside our strengths, and it makes us both inefficient and lacking the confidence we need to fiercely advocate for ourselves in professional (and other) settings. This was me. This is why I decided to become a career coach.

Because my focus is strengths-based, our sessions, conversations, and my recommendations are always couched in the individual context of the single person I am working with. I like to deeply understand my clients’ values, ambitions, priorities, and strengths in order to provide thoughtful strategies in ways that best resonate with each client. And, I believe it’s imperative for my clients to develop an understanding of themselves in order for coaching to be beneficial and for their professional life to be fruitful and meaningful. 

While all my clients are learning how to optimize their search, interview, and negotiation processes, I view one of my primary roles as to be constantly honing their approach within the context of leveraging their unique strengths and understanding of themselves to excel through these processes.

I would love to set up a free 30-minute call with you to discuss your professional ambitions and where you'd like to see your skills and strengths take you!