Break free from toxic work environments,
find meaningful work that you love,
get paid what you’re worth,
achieve peak performance,
build a better organizational culture.

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Career Coaching


Shine brightly in the crowded landscape of job competitors. blueprintgreen offers career coaching, interview preparation, and career transition services to help you achieve your professional goals.

Reclaim your career potential.  

Group Coaching


If you wake up every morning dreading going to work...
If your job feels totally unpredictable...
If the burdens of your job are all you ever think about...

Then this coaching series is for you. 


“During my transition from the education field to the banking industry, blueprintgreen offered practical, detailed, and applicable strategies for making the move as smooth as possible. I landed a great job, and have successfully made a major transition with very few hiccups, and reliable people to call whenever issues arise.”